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BLOWN my mind more like it...
Last night I had the privilege to see Victor Wooten perform live on the UPS campus. I have never experienced a more talented man perform so sincerely, even though he has performed for millions of people before playing for us last night. He played with members of the UPS Jazz Band who shocked me with how they got down! Especially the sax player- he wailed! Wooten spoke with SUCH eloquence- I was brought to tears several times during his talk. He spoke about the importance of not forcing our teaching on others but instead letting others find the true feeling of things on their own! We don't teach our kids english, we show them. To him, music and language are completely interchangeable. The one difference being, in music, we don't have to speak the same language to understand someone else. His words were so beautiful. Like he said, it's all about embracing! And recognizing the blessings! 

I was beyond inspired and moved by the performance last night. To round it out, he played his famous Amazing Grace solo. It seemed like I was suspended in anti-reality for a moment. I just couldn't believe the whole night he was standing 15 feet in front of me. I wasn't star stuck in the sense that he's a famous guy. I was much more in awe of the fact that his realness was unmistakable. I don't know if I've ever witnessed a more genuine performer or person in my life.


Check it out- 'The Lesson'

What a wise man.  

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Someone on youtube "I honestly believe Victor Wooten is deeper than the ocean"

At first I laughed, but perhaps there is much validity in that statement.


That sounds friggin awesome, super jealous

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