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A song from the past spring boarding into the future! 

My world has been taken over by my latest creative endeavors. And let me tell you- it feels great! I had my first voice lesson on Saturday which gave me great pride in my singing voice. I'm constantly remarking on songs I would love to recreate myself yet have felt that I lack the knowledge and tricks to really showcase my voice. But it's coming out! I have quickly remembered that a cherished goal of mine is to sing in front of many people. Though i have a lot of experience performing on the piano in front of large crowds of people, the piano has signified a friend of mine on stage; it is something I have great confidence in and feel I can always rely on. On the other hand, standing in the middle of a stage, just my own self and my voice is something I've never quick tackled as having 100% pure confidence. But I feel a shift. My new goal is to find a group of people with the same mindset and really delve into all of those great songs that are meant to be performed again and again. 

Also, my father is taking me TOMORROW to Guitar Center to purchase my first, very own, mandolin! I'll be playing the mando in no time. I never recognized- but it's the perfect instrument for me! Right size, right sound. I look forward to being a wayward traveling mandolin player! 

Inspiration flocking! YEs!!

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It is clear we must jam soon. I've been on a songwriting spree the last couple of days and recording with my remarkably low quality computer microphone, feels good! When we do play you can try out my mando, see if you like it

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