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1:21 and i'm havin' some fun
 Another day and a few more dollars. My life has become centered around a goal of attaining practicality! Practical boots, practical life planning. Blah! But really, practical boots are the greatest and most rewarding investment- in my life anyway. Time for new February resolutions! Didn't give all too much thought to resolutions when the near year came around but it seems to be just that time! I've set a lot of short term goals for myself and have yet to be satisfied with following through! Some, yes. But certainly not all. Must start journaling again (in my handy, beautiful blue notebook- not the internet). I wonder how long I'll keep up my Life Journal-seems to keep reappearing!. Resolution- use up everyday!  I'm tired of only getting things done halfway through my day.
On the other hand, my knitting and various other crafts have been quite rewarding! I finished my grey scarf today which kept me so pleasantly warm all through out this blustery night, My skirt is coming along great! Just need to size it. And I have some great  visions for my dream catcher project.

I wonder if Life Journal could be a crafty place to put pictures of my artwork.. 
If people could start checking it out.. This could be a great idea! Will give more thought to that later. Much beading and crafting to be done. 

So happy that my dog Zack likes to sleep in my bed. Even if he is taking up almost all the room and snores sooo loudly.   

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you probably should post pictures of your stuff. Just saying!

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